Patience and perseverance were the allies of Thomas Edison in his effort to discover the light bulb. The scientist tested hundreds and hundreds of materials to make the inner filament of the bulb. Every time I tried a new filament, it burned after burning for a couple of hours. However, on October 21, 1879 Edison made the first public demonstration of the incandescent light bulb to three thousand people in Menlo Park (California). The first light bulb went on for 48 hours without interruption.

The bulb, much more than an invention

That day, on October 21, 1979, one of the journalists who attended the event, asked the following question: “Have you ever thought to throw in the towel after so many failures?”. Tomas Edison answered the question giving a life lesson to all the attendees. “Failures, I do not know what you’re talking about, and every time I tried, I learned why a light bulb does not work.”

The lesson that Edison taught that day is the one we want to share with all the followers of ‘Saborea tu momento’. Every situation, even the most desperate, can have the reading or the meaning that each one of us decides to give. Everything is a matter of perception.

What for some people may be a reason for abandonment, a disappointment or a failure, others make it another step towards their goal. Although Edison did not get the expected results, he celebrated each step because he considered being closer to the goal. He knew how to see the positive side of each situation and ‘savor’ each moment.

For Aldonza Gourmet, the bulb is much more than the invention that allows us to be illuminated when there is no sunlight. The history of the thousand attempts shows us the importance of relativizing situations; to turn into an opportunity what others consider failure. You decide the meaning you choose to give to each situation!


The Aldonza Gourmet team believes that Edison, his light bulb and his exemplary life lesson, deserve a toast. In our Monday toast (# BrindemosTambiénLosLunes), this week we toasted Edison with a glass of wine.
















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