In this post and forthcoming publications, Aldonza explains you basic concepts about wine in a simply way. The purpose of this publication is make you understand basic ítems for taste and enjoy a glass of wine. 

In this post, we are talking about three basic concepts: right temperature to serve wine, barrels and corks’s function. In addition, if you are going to visit a winery at Easter with your family or friends, this post will be heplful for you to improve your knowledge about wine culture. 


You shouldn’t forget that white wine is served very cold. To taste better the white wine acidity, it would be serve between 4 and 7 degrees. On the other hand, it will be unlikely to find a bottle of red wine in a ice bucket. Although the perfect temperature to serve red wine depends on the time it has been in a barrel, the range is between 14 and 18 degrees. Red wine is not necesary to serve cold. More time in barrel means more degrees for drink. For instance, Aldonza Navamarín, ageing of 12 months in barrel, it could be taste better if you drink it around 18 degrees. 



Everybody associates barrels with wine although they don’t understand anything about wine. But, what do you know about barrels? In short, barrels are using for decantig or separating sediments, to add flavours and determine the colour of wine. Winemakers are responsables of get a perfect combination according to time of ageing in barrel. 

Barrels are made of american and french oaks. The kind of oak and quantity of wood using of tree is determinate to wine nuances. French oak is more elegant and subtle. It use for long-lived wines, that will be spend much time in barrel. However, american oak use for give fast and intense woody flavour; it is using for wines that will not be much time in barrel. Important! Only red wines are ageing in barrels. White and rosé wine don’t age in barrels. Each varieties of wine has different elaboration process. We will explain you this topic in next posts of ‘The key of wine’. 



In the past, wine bottles were sealing with wax or covered with plomo. Currently, these materials are not used. There are others alternatives like screw cap and cork. Today we are going to talk about cork. 

At first, you should know that corks are made with different materials and lengths. Each cork is different from others. Its main function is protects wine of oxygen contact. The wine will be more protected if it has a very long cork like Reserva wine or Gran Reserva wine. These wines is often used natural cork. 

corchos vinos aldonza

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