Saffron is one of the most precious spices in the world, among other things, for its many uses. Although it is mainly used for culinary purposes to give color and flavor to food, from its origins it is used to dye clothes, perfume houses and make cosmetics. Apart from all these uses, you should know that you can also prepare a tea or an infusion of saffron. In fact, in Eastern countries such as Japan, China or Korea, the use of saffron as an infusion is one of the most widespread.


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The saffron as an infusion. Benefits and preparation

In ‘Saborea tu momento’ we have already stopped at some of the many benefits that saffron brings to our health. Prepared in infusion or tea, these properties are accentuated slightly and saffron becomes an important source of well-being.

Antidepressant, improve heart health, boost memory and prevent cancer are some of the medicinal qualities of saffron. For women, it is an excellent painkiller during menstruation days. A cup of saffron tea relieves those annoying pains and helps regulate the period. These are just some of the benefits of saffron; Here you can read the full list of benefits that Saffron Aldonza has on your health.


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How to prepare a saffron tea at home?

Currently, the increasingly widespread use of saffron tea, allows you to buy it at any herbalist. However, you can also prepare a saffron tea at home. It is very simple! Simply boil 1 large cup of water and pour the amount of saffron strands that fit into a teaspoon of coffee. Let the mixture stand for half an hour and strain it. List your saffron tea! You can take it alone or accompany it with sugar, honey or sweetener. Serve it hot or cold, however you like it.

If you are going to prepare an infusion of homemade saffron, always choose saffron in strands better than in powder. Although the cooking time is a little longer, the tea will taste better. In addition, it is advisable to buy saffron in threads to avoid fraud and look at the label to know the origin and if it meets international quality standards. Saffron Aldonza, for example, is produced in Castilla – La Mancha and has the recognized quality seal ‘Protected Designation of Origin Saffron La Mancha’.

Saffron powder may be adulterated and it is difficult to know if we are dealing with fraud. If you choose saffron in thread, it is easy to check if it is of the highest quality: you only have to look at the color. If the strand is red with the orange tip, you are consuming a good product. Another test you can do is put it in water, if the strands lose color before 15 minutes, the saffron is not of quality.


For people who are not used to the taste of saffron, saffron tea can have a somewhat intense flavor. Aldonza Gourmet recommends mixing it with other teas or spices, such as green tea, a little ginger or milk with cardamom; this last option gives it a special taste. You will continue enjoying the medicinal properties of saffron and you will taste new flavors.


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Tea and saffron tea has a fantastic taste, but we recommend you not to drink more than two cups or glasses per day. If you are pregnant do not take saffron in infusion, it could affect the development of pregnancy.