Cooking can be a very rewarding experience. Aldonza Gourmet tells you the reasons…

Cooking is one of the big pleasures of many people. Spend time to prepare the grandmother’s recipe or to innovate with a new dish, such as saffron and olive oil frozen cream, is an activity that make us feel better.

Although cooking supposes a different motivation for each person, cooking homemade food is healthy for several reasons. Do you want to know why? This is the list of the 4 healthy reasons:

It favors a balanced diet

There is no way to be more sure of what we eat than buying the ingredients ourselves and preparing them. Cooking is synonymous with a balanced and healthy diet. The food prepared at home is also usually less caloric than precooked. In addition, we can adjust each dish to our needs and preferences.

Generates pleasure

Why? When you use your creativity, your brain generates endorphins. On the other hand, the satisfaction of sharing something made by us, duplicates the feeling of well-being. We do not want to be cheesy, but cooking can be considered an act of love for others and for ourselves.

Cooking contributes to physical activity

This statement may be somewhat exaggerated but it is not. When we cook, we burn calories. The movement of the hands and not being active suppose a greater use of energy than a microwaved precooked dish. Ask authentic kitchen lovers the effort of beating or kneading with their hands … 😉

Relax and improve relationships

If we don’t cook for work or under pressure, cooking is an activity that relaxes and helps to release tension. In addition, it contributes to improving family and couple relationships. This last benefit is one of the most comforting of all. The experience of working as a team with friends, couple or family, is a very rewarding activity.

We are sure that you wants to cook now! If you do not know how to start, Aldonza Gourmet helps you. In our YouTube channel we explain step by step how to prepare different recipes. Do you dare with a mushroom ravioli with cream and saffron reduction?

Aldonza uses its gourmet products, extra virgin olive oil, saffron, wines and cavas, in all recipes. Guarantee of an exclusive flavor.

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