The plan is already chosen. You just have to decide who you want to do wine and olive tourism. With friends, family or partner?

Aldonza proposes several dilemmas in its new spot. If your group of friends does not agree, if your family is about to discuss or if you do not know how to surprise your partner, calm! Aldonza has the solution.

The video shows three different situations with daily dilemmas that are solved in the best way: an irresistible plan. Aldonza offers you to do wine and olive tourism in a unique visit to its facilities. Only you decide who to go with: friends, family or partner.

Aldonza organizes free visits to it winerie and mil located in Munera (Albacete). You will know the culture of wine in a land with tradition, you will learn the processes of elaboration of the flagship product of the Mediterranean diet and will enjoy personalized tasting of wines, cavas and extra virgin olive oil. Do you need more reasons to do wine tourism? 

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