Learn how to keep wine at home. Follow these 3 basic tips and enjoy a good glass of wine at home!

Don´t put wine in areas with temperature changes

Temperature is one of the factors that most affect the state of the wine. Therefore, the place where we store the wine at home is very important. Avoid leaving it in areas where there are thermal fluctuations. For example, kitchen is not a good place to store wine. When we cook, the temperatura changes by several degrees and the condition of the wine bottle can be affected.

It is recommended to keep wine at a constant temperature between 12 and 16 degrees. Spaces such as a loft or a storage room, where there are no heating systems or air conditioners, are ideal areas for maintaining wine. The wine coolers or wine bars are an excellent alternative. In the market you can find different models and sizes.

In addition to the temperature, it is also advisable to take the humidity into account, which must oscillate between 70 and 80% to prevent the cork from drying or moistening.

The position of the bottle

The most recommended position for perfect wine conservation is horizontal. Another of the recommendations is to leave the bottles upside down. In this way, the cork doesn´t dry, doesn´t lose elasticity and we avoid to enter air in the bottle. You already know the harmful effects that the air causes in the state of the wine and, therefore, in its flavor.

It is also important that the bottles do not suffer vibrations.

Avoiding sunlight

Sunlight accelerates different chemical reactions that are not suitable to keep the wine at home. Wine is oxidized when exposed to sunlight.


Not all wines improve with time… Depending the bottle and the type of wine, the conservation and consumption recommendations may vary. For example, young wines should be drunk in the year they are purchased.

We hope these tips can help you to keep the wine at home. This is the commitment of Aldonza Gourmet: TO CONVERT EVERY SIP OF WINE IN A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE.

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