We have already written films about wines and vineyards and stories in this other link, but we had pending to recommend some books about wines. These are our 7 books recommendations about the world of wine:

1. “Taste” by Roald Dahl

This speed-read book of just over 60 pages combines humor and mystery. Two married couples, with the daughter of one of them, share a culinary evening with Richard Pratt. The mystery, in an apparently quiet dinner, begins when the host starts an innocent challenge in which Pratt must guess all the details about the bottle of wine… For Aldonza Gourmet this story is an essential book about the world of wine.

2. “The Wine War” by Don & Petie Kladstrup

This historical novel tells how French winegrowers protected their vineyards from German pillage during World War II. This book describes the ingenious and daring ideas that the French made for ruining shipments of his most precious treasure to the Germans who were on the battlefields. If you are a lover of historical novels, you will enjoy reading this book.

3. “The ignorant” by Étienne Davodeu

Original and fun recommendation for wine and comic lovers! Étienne Davodeau bets that there are as many ways to write a book as there are to produce wine. Do you dare to discover them?

4. “In Vino Veritas. The truth is in wine ”by Virginia Gasull

This mystery novel takes place between Spain and France. Wine becomes the common thread in the investigation that inspector Oteiza, who must discover the author of the theft of one of the best-preserved mosaics in Europe. During the investigation, the inspector ends up in France and meets an oenological expert who introduces her to the world of wine… We will not reveal any more; highly recommended this thriller written by Virginia Gasull.

5. “The genius of the bottle” by Miguel Ángel Aguirre Borrallo

Miguel Ángel Aguirre invents the originality character Tempranillo, a friendly genius who lives in a bottle of wine. This genius doesn’t grant wishes; he is a storyteller and his main mission is to promote and spread the culture of wine. He will do it from his unexpected appearance in a wine store…

6. “The silence of the vineyards” by Gisela Pou

Though the history of the Brucart family, their matriarch Aurora and the wineries where they make cava, this book takes you to the beautiful landscapes of Penedés and shows you the history of cava. (Did you know that the Penedés region is where the Aldonza are grown?).

The book narrates the terrible plague of phylloxera during the first years of the 20th century, the monopoly of the great families dedicated to cava and the battle over the price of grapes. Gisela Pou highlights her knowledge about sparkling wine production.

7. A vineyard in the Tuscany of Fernec and Maté

It is an entertaining and funny story that tells as a painter make its own wine. She chose an old Italian monastery surrounded by vineyards. After overcoming many difficulties, including dealing with the natives of Tuscany, her wines will receive international admiration.

If you are a lover wine, surely you have read other books about wines. Leave us your personal recommendation in a comment and remember to accompany the reading with a glass of wine. 😉 The pleasure will be double!

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